Tuesday & Friday Mornings in West Wickham.

Hi everyone, and welcome to Little Action Stars in West Wickham! We run sessions every Tuesday (10:15-11:45 and Friday (10:15-11:45) morning in Wickham Hall, Sussex Road BR4 0JX.

Sussex Road is almost opposite Sainsburys and next to M&S, Parking is free in Sainsburys and there is a big car park behind the shops on West Wickham High Street.

Little Action Stars is 1 hour 30 minutes long and will have different activities every week. We will also have themed weeks, arranged in advance.

We will have free play and arts and crafts for the first 70 minutes.

There are tables for icing my home made cakes and decorating them with branded products e.g. Cadburys buttons and Nestle smarties. This activity is called our food table and activities vary each week including making homemade Pizza, yoghurt and fruit, making sandwiches, making crackers and fresh fruit salads.

There is a table with 2 colours of homemade play doh and lots of cutters and rollers.

We also do lots of arts and crafts including painting and gluing and making wonderful master pieces.

I have a large tunnel combination that will go into the corner with some soft matting and a small selection of baby toys, along with brand new baby bouncers/ walkers and a comfy arch and mat, we also have a small ball pool full of coloured balls.

We have a large parachute to play with, bouncing all the balls on them and playing hiding mushrooms underneath it.

Towards the end we will have song time with lots of picture song choices and we will also have a nice drink from a beaker/cup (age depending) of squash or water and some fruit or vegetables.

A cd player will be playing calm nursery rhymes and songs in the background the whole time. We love to do the Hokey Kokey at the end of the session.

Little Action Stars is open all year round, throughout all the school holidays and bank holidays. Each session costs £4 for 1 child and £1 per child after this, Children under 1 are £2 and this includes everything (including Tea/coffee for mum/carer). Please see my recent news section of the website to see what dates the sessions may not be running due to holidays.